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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Corruption is Everywhere

In response to the recent corruption case surronding the Immigration involving its DG and Deputy DG, Si Bedol said that "arrest shows that even big fish can be caught". Yes, for the first time or may be not the first time but definitely first time after a long time that I agree with si Bedol. But then, I asked myself a question-Is this for real? Or is it just a political gimmick? Forgive me for being skeptical. All for reason.
When si Bedol took over the premiership from Tun Mahathir, he said he would fight corruption. He said there were about eighty high profile corruption cases that would be brought to justice. But until now, only two cases that I can remember of. One of it is the case involving Eric Chia and the other case is Kasitah Gadam. Well, Eric Chia was released in the end and Kasitah Gadam's case is still being heard in KL High Court. (Even then, there was a slight deviation of people's attention when Yong Teck Lee was investigated as a result of statement made by witness in Kasitah Gadam's case. Conincidentally, the investigation was made soon after Yong Teck Lee's party i.e SAPP annoucened that they would be tabling motion of no confidence against si Bedol). The question is what happened to the other seventy over high profile corruption cases?
When si Bedol took over as the Prime Minister, he did make few surprise visits to the government departments. And that was it. After that, no more. Well, I am not saying that as a PM, si Bedol needs to keep on visiting the government department to do spot check as he has a lot of other important things to do, but why did he do that (surprise visit) during his early days as a PM? To me if you want to do something, do it continuously. I mean, on and off, go and do surprise visit. If he could do it then, why can't he do it now?
More often than not, nowadays, we hear this fellow said that I have evidence of wrongdoing against this person and that fellow has evidence of wrongdoing against this person. Look at Ezam. When he was with PKR, he was arrested and detained under OSA, as he alleged that he had the secrets of few ministers (of course we are talking about their bad deeds). He was put behind bars for that. He had every opportunity to disclose the "secrets" when he was with the government but he chose not to do so. Anwar Ibrahim said that he has eveidence against Najib but where is it? Why does he needs to keep those evidence and bring it out piece by piece. And now Ezam said that he has evidence against Anwar. What is this? Come on!!! If you really have those evidences, for the sake of the people that you said you are fighting for (i.e. you and me), disclose it, so that justice could be served. Do not use it as a lethal weapon and for your own political interest? Are they suggesting that a crime is not a crime if they got what they want but it will become a crime if they do not get what they want? These are all rubbish!!!
Now, coming back to the corruption issue, I do hope that this time around, the government is damn serious in fighting the corruption at all level. No one should be spared. I do hope that this Immigration corruption scandal is not one of the "lethal weapon", as described above and used for one's political interest. If you want to do it, do it for the nation. Do it for justice. Go and do thorough checking at all government departments and any other agencies where public has interest in them. I believe that they will find more corruption cases.
On or about the same time the immigration corruption scandal made known to the public, there was another shock revelation made in Gemas police station when a policeman has lodged a report against all his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed. In retaliation, one of his superiors, a sergeant, lodged another police report against the policeman, a lance corporal, for allegedly selling station property to scrap dealers. So now, the whole world knows that all policemen in Gemas police station involve in corruption. Do you guys surprised? A little bit for me.
I must say that this corruption scandal in Immigration Department and the one in Gemas police station have served to confirm my belief that corruption is everywhere in government.
Last but not least, I quote again what si Bedol said that "arrest shows that even big fish can be caught". While it is good to catch the big fish, it is better to catch the bigger fish. I am sure you guys know what I mean.
p/s: Don't those UMNO fellows scared about Ezam? For all they know, after joining UMNO back, Ezam may have more secrets (the one fresh from oven) and it may be used against them in the future just as what Ezam did when he was in PKR (against UMNO) and now he is back in UMNO (against Anwar and PKR). This guy is very dangerous. If there are Ezam and a snake in front of you, I am sure you know which one to kill first, right?

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