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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Malaysia -v- Chelsea

Tonite, Malaysia will go all out against Chelsea. On paper and on pitch, off paper and off pitch, everything is working against us. Our football team is nowhere if we were to compare them with Chelsea. The value of anyone Chelsea player is worth more than our national team. Taking Frank Lampard for example, his new monthly salary (reportedly to be at £150,000.00 per week) alone is more than our players (jointly) annual salary (including the salary that is still outstanding).
Once in every few years, we have world class football team came to Malaysia and played against our national team. We have had the teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, England and even Brazil played against our national side. To the team like Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea, they are here more on promotion and marketing side as well as to warm up after taking a short break. But what do we get from all the matches that we have had against there great teams? Exposure? The word “exposure” is too synonym with our football team. After finishing all the matches in any tournament, without any convincing results, the management was fast to say that it was a good exposure. I think our football team has had too much exposure and yet, they are still unable to produce the result. Something is wrong somewhere and the local football fans (if any) realized what went wrong but not the FAM. FAM only knows to point finger to the players and especially the coach every time the team fails to produce the desired results.
How serious is our players for the match against Chelsea? I remember when Malaysia played against Man U, the Malaysian skipper, Ahmad Shahrul Azhar was seen running towards David Bekham, as soon as the referee blown the final whistle, to exchange jersey with him and the then team Manager, Ibrahim Saad was seen laughing while looking at the skipper. Perhaps, towards the final minutes, all Malaysian players were thinking of getting the jersey of certain players. During the match, our players were seen to be very humble as opposed to their opponents. Of course they (the opponent) are great players but once they (our player) are on the pitch, there is no more room to respect the opponent. When they gave too much respect to the opponents, they can’t play well (ooops, after all they do not play well even if they do not show respect to the opponents). I remember watching one Malaysian player who brought David Beckham down and instead of chasing the ball, he helped Beckham to stand up.
Tonite, according to Malaysia coach, Sathianathan (he was the national youth coach before being appointed to be the national coach by the President of FAM in the dressing room after the youth team recorded a good result, if I am not mistaken in the Merdeka Cup…now you know how FAM appoint their coach), the Malaysian team will use the format of 4-1-4-1, which means there will be only one striker with another four to assist him and one midfielder and four defenders. This is a new format for the Malaysian team who has been using the format of 4-4-2 and 4-2-4. The coach must have his own reason for using the new format. Looks interesting if the players can translate the formation into reality. But if the players play as they normally do, there is no need for the coach to have this formatting whether it is 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 or 4-5-1 or 4-1-4-1 because after 20 minutes, the Malaysian team will play 10-0-0.
Something needs to be done to revive our football team. I know what need to be done. You know what need to be done. Only the FAM does not know what need to be done because what need to be done is to get rid of the FAM management and replace them with the new professional management who is free from other commitment.

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