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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ikan Bakar. Simply Delicious!!!

Have you eaten ikan bakar?…I mean the real ikan bakar in Melaka, my home town…for those who have not, my advice, go and for all you know, you will get addicted…you will want to go there more and more. If Kajang is famous with its sate and Terengganu is famous with its keropok lekor, Melaka is not getting any lesser…it is famous for its ikan bakar and masak asam. Hmmm, now I am hungry.

A lot of outsiders come to Melaka to eat ikan bakar especially those from KL and Singapore. The price, I would say very reasonable, if not cheap. Imagine of fresh fish, fresh prawn, fresh squid, everything is fresh there. This is the taste that we normally won’t get though everyday we eat fish, prawn and squid.

You can have variety types of fish, various size of prawn and squid…o ya! Forget to mention, they have crab too. All that we need to do is just to choose the seafood that we want and ask the restaurateur to either grill, fry or make sambal or tomyam or anything that we want. It is like, “you name it, they have it”. It is a seafood heaven. The best of all is that you eat the ikan bakar of whatever seafood of your choice with nasi lemak…oh my God! Simply delicious. Simply irresistible.

Well! I am not really good in describing food (on how good it is but I can describe food that tastes lousy). So, reading my write up, you might not find it really interesting or worth it to go to Melaka to taste the ikan bakar but one thing I can tell you, if you find my writing on food as not interesting, it means the food is really good and if you find my writing is interesting, then the food is not good. As simple as that.

Last night, a group of five gentlemen drove all the way from KL to Melaka after work just to enjoy the freshness of ikan bakar and the prawn. It was worth a journey for all of us. It was an all-paid-for trip for me…hehehe…thanks a lot guys. Having to enjoy the seafood is one thing, having to spend time with my friends is another thing. We talked about a lot of things in the car as well as before and after we enjoy the food. But when the food was served, everybody stop talking and enjoy the food. Really, no heavy conversation. Even if we talked, it was about asking others to give us the ikan or the prawn. That’s all. There was no such prior arrangement (like no conversation while eating) but everybody understood it very well.

We reached Umbai around 7pm and we were there until about 10pm. As we were about to make our move back to KL (suddenly made us realize, ooops, we have family in KL and we need to go back, after all I have to work today), we could see a lot of cars from outside Melaka especially KL and Johor had arrived. They too, like us drove all the way from outstation to enjoy the freshness of the ikan bakar.

So, when is next?


nurulazreenazlan said...

busu, sesungguhnya ini adalah penderaan.

kat malaysia hall ada lauk ikan keli masak lada, selamba je dorang charge 5 pound sekor. aduh tak mampu.

Rozaimi said...

Just to add to your pendereaan, last night I went to Bagan Lalang for another round of fresh seafood. Hmmm, it was nice but the one that I had in Melaka was nicer. Well, when the right time comes, take the next available flight back to Malaysia...

W.Asmaliza Abdullah said...

well i think melaka trip for ikan bakar is nicer enuf becoz u all out with friens wheares bagan lalang is juz nice reason that it was family trip...u know what i mean?

Rozaimi said...

i mean the food