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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sing different song for the same issue

Different treatment for the same issue. That is how I sum up the two reports by The Star on the way two candidates carried out their campaign. One was from DAP while the other from MIC.

These two candidates were reportedly resorted to standing at the junction near the traffic light while waving at the motorists. While the act of the DAP man was described as "extreme tactics", the same act done by the MIC man was described as "bizarre campaign style". If you were to read the full reports by The Star (the DAP on 27/2/2008 and the MIC on 6/3/2008) you can see different impression were given to both candidates. And of course I am talking about positive impression about MIC and adverse impression on the DAP.

While I am neither the supporter of MIC nor DAP, I think our mass media should give a fair and equal treatment to all parties contesting in the general election. I mean, tell the truth!!!

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