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Saturday, March 1, 2008

How far a teacher can go to punish students?

I read a news report in Harian Metro online today about a group of six primary school students who were punished for making noise, running and fighting in the class until it disturbed other students’ concentration. The punishment was standing in the assembly field (berjemur) topless. According to the Head Master, before he imposed the punishment, he gave two options to the students: either caning or “berjemur” and all of them chose the latter.

In the report, it was also stated that a father, who coincidentally went to the school was shocked to see the students were punished in that manner (the father is the culprit who sent email to the newspaper). He said that it was an insult for the student to be punished in that manner and it does not reflect the professionalism a teacher should have. There should be more proper way of punishing but he did not give any suggestion. Perhaps, I guess, verbal warning will do for him.

With due respect, I totally disagree with him (the father). Parents like him don’t want the best for their children. Parents nowadays, I would say pamper their children too much. They send their children to school. If the teachers punish their children for doing something wrong, they will blame the teacher. Police reports against the teachers are not uncommon nowadays. But if their children do not get the good results also they will blame the teachers. But so far, no police report lodged for that matter.

I remember when I was in primary school (mid 80’s), I was once slapped twice by my Headmaster (a real slapped) simply because I was seen playing sepak takraw with my friends at the canteen during class hour. Actually, those who represented my school (including me) were given early release, as we had important match that afternoon. As it was raining and we couldn’t go back, we decided to train at the canteen and because of that, I received two slaps from my HM. Did I tell my father? No, I did not dare because I would not know what to expect if I tell my parent. Those were the days where teachers were empowered to correct the wrongdoings. But now, I think teachers are like toothless tiger. And for that I totally blame the parents (most and not all).

Last time (before my time), i knew there were parents who sent their children to school and told the teachers, "you can do anything to my son as long as you don't cause him to blind and no facture (of bones)". I will faint if there are millennium parents who will say that way.

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