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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do they Walk the Talk or they don't?

During election campaign, a lot of candidates used, what they called it, character assasination (serangan peribadi). Well, this bad attitute is always associated with the opposition. Pak Lah and many top BN leaders always condemned this personal attacks and always advise their own people not to indulge to such style. More often than not, they proudly said that it is not their (BN) style to resort to such tactics and BN candidates won't do such thing.

While to certain extent I personally agree that candidates should not resort to personal attacks, on the other hand, we as the rakyat definitely need to know if there is immoral candidates contesting in the general election, as we do not want an immoral person to lead us. That was what Dr. M did when he expelled Anwar Ibrahim for alleged engagement in immoral activities (though ANwar was later freed of those charges by the Federal @ apex Court). An immoral person should not be our leader. After all, we need to be led by example. So, when a fact is presented to us about the immoral activities of certain candidates, I do not think that it amounts to character assasination. So, to me if you want to talk about other candidates' personal life, make sure it is fact and not a slander. It is a personal attack when it is a slander and it is information when it is a fact.

Going back to what Pak Lah and other BN leaders said about character assasination, I would like to bring you to what Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), Pak Lah's blue eyed boy cum son-in-law said during his campaign. I have watched and listen to the video clip and to my surprise KJ who is the one that supposed to listen to Pak Lah's advice, his own father-in-law had lauched a personal attack on Anwar Ibrahim. In one of his campaigns, KJ amongst other had stated that the opposition always resorted to muta'ah (contract marriage). They would marry before election and divorce thereafter. To be accurate, this is what KJ said:

"dia (those engage in muta'ah marriage) kawin satu malam, dia main malam tu, esok hari dia cerai untuk menghalalkan maksiat. Parti pembangkang ini, dia kawin muta'ah. Dia kawin, PAS main DAP ikut kiri, DAP main PAS ikut kanan, ANWAR MAIN DUA-DUA IKUT BELAKANG, lepas tu bila kalah, dia cerai..."

Look at the one that I bold. Do not you think that it is a personal attack? Not only a personal attack, it was also amounted to a libel and contempt of court, as the Federal Court had freed Anwar from sodomy charges. So, who is KJ to tell otherwise? Well, what BN leaders including KJ's very own father-in-law and his deputy has got to say about this? Do you think that the BN leaders including Najib and Pak Lah dares to tell KJ that what he said was, not only factually wrong, but it was also go against the spirit of BN. I bet no one dares. C'on! After all, we are talking about KJ here. Understood.

So, BN leaders, do they walk the talk? Not at all!!!
You may watch the clip by clicking at the video bar with KJ's image

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