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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Development Model

I read a news report in Utusan online just now about Datuk Seri Najib's statement on the development issue in Kelantan.

In a statement made in Marang today, Najib was quoted as saying that BN will use Terengganu as the model to develop Kelantan, if BN is given the power to do so. This is because, within the last four years, after BN took over from PAS, BN has brought in development to Terengganu as opposed to Kelantan, which was under the administration of PAS for the past 18 years, has seen no development.

I must admit that I have not been to Terengganu since BN took over from PAS in 2004. Other than what was reported in TV and newspaper, I do not know how develop Terengganu is? But with due respect to our DPM, I was in Terenggau for four years. I studied there. When I first came to Kuala Terengganu in 1995, I was so shocked that the "petroleum" state was just like Melaka in the ealy 80's. You get what I mean? I would say, in term of development in 1995, they were far behind. And that, I am talking about Terengganu while they were under the administration of BN and Tan Seri Wan Mokhtar Ahmad was the then Menteri Besar. How long was BN in power in Terengganu before PAS took over in 1999? If BN could not bring the development in Terengganu before 1999, what do they expect the PAS government to do in just four years in power? Well, I am not speaking on behalf of PAS but I am annoyed with this type of comparison. It is like comparing our petrol price with Singapore while converting Singapore Dollar to Ringgit Malaysia. If you want to compare, do it genuinely. Do not simply look at the development in the last four years. Look also at the "development" before 1999. Then only you are justified to comment.

After all, BN is so proud in talking about the development they brought in Malaysia. While we can see the worldly development, what are the effort made by the Hadhari government in preparing Malaysian for the hereafter?

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