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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do they dare to speak up the truth???

If you remember, in my previous posting on my analysis on the post election, I did mention on our political scenario whereby even if our political leaders do not agree with their President, they will not dare to speak up. The reason, as I said in that posting was, it will mark the end of their political career. Then, they will walk alone.

This is a syndrome, which is unhealthy and the effect can be a disaster for things can go wrong unnoticed or if noticed, they will pretend not to notice it. I am not talking about Pak Lah's administation only. It happened during Tun's time and it may happen in the future if we do not change our mindset.

Put it this the President untouchable and undisposable? Is the President perfect? Is it not that nobody is perfect? Is the President unable to make any mistake? Or if the President make a mistake, is the President cannot be corrected?

Let us see what happened to Tun Mahathir. When he was a PM, nobody in his cabinet dare to speak against him openly. Whatever Tun said, his Ministers stood by him. However, after he stepped down, he is vulnerable. Some of Tun's subordinate when he was the PM had the courage to speak up and go against their used-to-be mentor in any issue simply because Tun has no more power to decide on their political career. Look at Nazri Aziz on how he condemned Tun and defended Pak Lah. Look also at Hishammuddin and Rafidah Aziz. I can say for sure people like Nazri Aziz can condemn Pak Lah after Pak Lah steps down, if he (Nazri) remains in the cabinet. It seems that to be a politician in Malaysia, you need to be a kaki bodek as well.

Going back to the issue of perfect President, I would like to bring to your attention to one incident where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was corrected by Allah. This is mentioned in Holy Qur'an when Allah said "abasa watawalla, anja ahul a'ma" which means that "he (Muhammad) had turned his face against a blind man when the blind man came to him (Muhammad). This Quranic verse was a caution from Allah to the Prophet on how he (Prophet) treated the blind man. See, even the Prophet Muhammad, someone who is guaranteed paradise, stood to be corrected. What more people like us? So, is the President perfect and stand not to be corected? The answer is a "no no".

Now it happen in Pak Lah's time. Datuk Mukhriz, the youngest son of Tun Mahathir has sent a letter to Pak Lah, the PM of Malaysia and the President of UMNO and BN to step down and to take full responsibility on BN's dismal performance. The letter was sent to Pak Lah one day after Mukhriz has stated his full support on Pak Lah's administration. It creates a big hu ha among the UMNO leaders, especially those "yes man" and kaki bodek. I read in the Utusan online on how Penang UMNO asked Hishammudin Tun Hussein to fire Mukhriz and also the call from Selangor UMNO youth for an action to be taken by Hishammuddin. They also said that Mukhriz was rude in making the call. Well, sad to note that Mukhriz is alone in this matter, though, there may be other BN leaders who are in agreement with Mukhriz but dare not to speak up.

It was also commented that Mukhriz was not firm in his stance in this matter, as one day before making the call, he has expressed his support to Pak Lah. Well, it seems that he could not make up his mind properly. What different is it with Pak Lah???Remember when Pak Lah had told reporters on the 12/3/2008 that Parliament would not be dissolve on 13/3/2008 and later on 13/3/2008, he dissolved the Parliament. What is the different between Pak Lah and Mukhriz in this context? No different isn't it? But any BN or UMNO leaders, to be specific, condemned Pak Lah for that? I have already given you the answer.


matdie said...

actually some of them (umno members) did speak against paklah but at his back only. Only rafidah and mukhriz dare enuff to write him a letter. while mukhriz's letter is quiete harch and unparallel to umno's tradition, rafidah's letter is more about "menghasabahkan diri" and "no more khairi!"

Rozaimi said...

Oopss, I do not know about Rafidah's letter. Perhaps, you want to share. This might be interesting. Anyway, I think Hishammuddin is in a dilemma, as he might be in agreement with Mukhriz but dare not to speak up unless he has enough support and back up just like what he did to Zahid Hamidi, his former boss in UMNO youth wing.