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Monday, March 31, 2008


Have you watched the film "FITNA" by Geert Wilders? This short film is said to have really insulted Islam and the holy book Al-Qur'an. Muslims around the world have condemned the showing of this film. I have watched the film through "you tube". Though I did not watch it in full, as I have problem with my internet connection, but what I can say here is the film is an insult to Islam. The film relates Al-Qur'an with terrorism. Yes, Geert Wilders quote the Qur'anic verse but it was interpreted wrongly by someone who knows nothing about Islam and taken out of context. Al-Qur'an has never ever asked the Muslims to go and kill the non muslim as they wish. In fact, killing fellow human being is prohibited in Islam. However, in making the film, Geert Wilders was being unfair in the sense that either he faled or purposely refused to look at what caused some Muslims to react in such a way that they are labelled as terrorist. In all fairness, the Muslim around the world in being treated unfairly by the Americans and the Westerns. Almost everyday the Jews mercilessly killing the innocent Palestinians and yet the American labelled the Palestinian as terrorist. The war in Gaza peninsular is far from over. Whatever peaceful plan promoted by the American is only for the benefit of the Jews. The whole world is aware of this but nobody does anything.

Look also at the way America attacked Iraq. Despite the fact that IAEA reported that there was no nuclear weapon development in Iraq and no support from the UN, the American vis-a-vis the bushy Bush went on to attack Iraq just to cause irrepairable damage to the Muslim country and found no nuclear weapon programme. But then they still said that it was a right decision and nobody dares to do anything against the US. Look also at the incident of 9/11. After the attack, the Americans straightaway accused Osama Bin Laden to be responsible for the attack. It was so easy for the US to point finger to a Muslim and the whole world would listen to them. However, investigation on the 9/11 has given more questions than answer. After all, there was no direct evidence that it was Osama Bin Laden who launched the attack. But the Americans used that as an excuse to attack Afghanistan on the pretext that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan. Funny isn't it? After 7 years, the US still could not find Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Now, after causing damage to Iraq, US is paying their attention to Iran on their nuclear programme. Despite denial by Iran that their nuclear programme is not meant for weapon, the US insisted that IAEA to go in and investigate. To me, it will be the same story like what happened to Iraq. Even if IAEA finds that there is no proof that Iran is developing the nuclear weapon, the US will not believe in the report and will go ahead to attack them. Why can't the US deal with the nuclear issue in North Korea? North Korea has the same issue even before Iraq was attacked. And now, after so many years, the US still did not do anything to the North Korea, but instead, interested in dealing with Iran first.

So, with all the above, of course to mention a few, do not you agree that Muslims all around the world have been treated unfairly? Is it wrong for the Muslim to take the law into their hands when they are being provoked in doing so?

Only if Geert Wilders can see what caused the Muslim to react in such away in a very fairly manner, I believe that he will not come out with such heinous film.

In any event, Allah said in the Qur'an that "lakum dinukum waliyadin" which means that "for them is their religion and for you is your religion". The verse simply means that the Muslim should not disturn other religion and vice versa.

On another note,, a website that aired the film has decided to stop airing it for safety reason, as their staff received death threat. In response, made a statement that it marks the end of freedom of speech on the net. Well, any freedom must have a limit. Here, the freedom of speech has been misused by the unethical Dutch politician. And for their insensitivity in airing the film on the net, is it not logical for them to receive the death threat? All these westerners, they are a laughing stock. They will condemn people who pass racist remark but will support people who insult other religion especially Islam. And in condemning the people who pass racist remark, they do not regard that as limiting the freedom of speech.


Soefyan said...

dear sir,

i've just seen the fitna movie and it brings me to tears how they portray the muslim world. it saddens me when people are not aware of the beauty of islam and avoiding the truth.i pray that the director for this movie rots in hell and all those who think me a hater if you will but the time will come when they will beg for the Allah's words does not express my anger for the non-muslims for the director of this film but instead we all know what is to become of for me, i'll be living harmoniously together in this great nation... or should we say, the screwed up nation of malaysia.(the fact that our PM is sumwhat becoming more confusing)

best regards,
aftermath collision

Rozaimi said...

The main problem is that the western and the American rule the world. They are bias towards Muslim. Whatever label they give to Islam like terrorist, extremist, people around the world including some Muslim nations/leaders take that as good and started to use the label to describe Muslims.

As a Muslim, we have OIC but what can OIC do in this type of circumstances other than sending a note of objection?