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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ring Tone

I was told by my nephew who is studying in Egypt that a fatwa has been issued by the Muslim scholars in Egypt that the use of Quranic Verses as ring tone or caller ring tone is haram (forbidden) The reason is that when the call is answered, the Quranic verse may not be fully read, thus it can give different meaning.

Well, I know that to the people who use Quranic verse as their rig tone, they do it wth good intention and with full sincerity in order to be rewarded. However, I fully agree with the fatwa, as not only that the Quranic verse will be truncated half way through, imagine if we are in te toilt and suddenly our phone ringing with Quranic verse as the ring tone, we will get a sin instead of being rewarded. While it is good to have Quranic verse close to us in every second, if it is wrongly used (perhaps unintentially), it can work against us.

So, to all my friends out there or fiends to my friends wo are using the Quranic verse a their ring tone or caller ring tone, I urge you to immediately change it.

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