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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good or bad speaker

I was in a seminar earlier today. There various issues presented by a number of speakers. All of the topics presented interest me. However, that alone is not good enough to keep me awake, as there was one speaker who delivered his speech on a very interesting topic but in a very boring way. I just can't help myself from being sleepy (ended up sitting outside the ballroom).

That made me think of a good and a bad (not so good) speaker. While some people said that public speaking is a gift, there are also some people that said that it is actually a skill that can be acquired. Well, after all practice makes perfect.

While I would agree with the second proposition, I do not agree that everybody can, through a constant practice, become a good speaker. Some people are simply born not to be a speaker, at least.

What then constitute a good speaker? Is it someone who is able to deliver topic with substance while doing it in a very attractive manner? or someone who does not know the substance of his topic but can deliver his speech in a very attractive manner? or someone who knows the substance but deliver it in a boring way?

Well, I would say that, in giving our speech, the bottom line is whether the message that we want to deliver reaches the audience. If we are able to do that,then we are a good speaker. Otherwise we are not or may be not yet a good speaker.

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