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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reduced but Increased. Not Reduced and Increased

They reduce but they increase.
They retract but they give back.
Worst still, they do not reduce but they increase.
The Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohammed said the increase was minimal and hoped the public understood that the increase was stipulated in the concession agreements that the government had signed.

“The increase was actually due in January last year but we had postponed it until now. This means the government has been paying compensation for 14 months.”

Really? Is it inevitable?

1. I wonder if the concession agreement signed between the toll operators and the government allows the government to abolish the two (2) tolls collection at PJS 2 and Salak Jaya recently.

2. If the agreements do not contain such provision, I wonder on what basis the government made the decision to abolish the toll collection at PJS 2 and Salak Jaya

3. And I wonder if the government’s action in increasing the toll collection at five (5) highways is in compliance with the concession agreements.

4. And I wonder if the concession agreements do not contain provision for abolishment and yet the government went ahead and abolish it, I wonder if the government could avoid the toll collection from increasing despite having such clause to increase it in January 2008.

5. And I wonder if the increase is to absorb the “losses” suffered by the toll operators as a result of the abolishment of toll collection at two (2) toll plazas (this is purely out of my curiosity).

6. And I wonder if the government was sincere in abolishing the toll collection at PJS 2 and Salak Jaya

7. And I wonder if the increase between RM0.10 and RM0.50 is not a burden to the people.

8. And I wonder from which college/university our Works Minister graduated from for making statement No. 7 above.
9. And I will keep on wondering.


ajako said...

stop collecting for 2 toll and increasing the other five? what a brilliant mathmetician? guess what's next...

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

next, they withdrew the order to, I pity the Works Minister...according to PM, the decision to increase the toll charges was made during the cabinet meeting 3 weeks before the announcement was made and I believe even if PM was not present during the said cabinet meeting, he should have been informed earlier of the decision. the question is WHY only after the minister made the announcement that PM asked the cabinet to reconsider its earlier decision?

I wonder how was the cabinet meeting conducted?