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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frogging Activities in Perak

What is happening in Perak at the moment is very embarrassing. The whole world is watching and laughing at us. While most countries are fighting and planning to revive their economic, our leaders are busy fighting to form government through legal but immoral way. Thanks to all the “frogs” that are jumping from one side and stop at the R&R before reaching their destination and many thanks to the “King of Frogs” who has been actively frogging lately jumping from UMNO to PKR and back to UMNO. Thick skin!!! Any “stimulus package” involved? Of course the parties involved will deny the existence of the “stimulus package” but do the people in majority believe that these party hoppers do the jumping for the sake of the people and not for the RM? Come on!!!

By now, we know that it is now up to the Sultan of Perak to decide whether to dissolve the State Assembly, thus fresh election or to let the BN takes over from PR as the new government. The fate of the Perak government lies in the hand of the Sultan. Let us not touch about what the Sultan is supposed or not supposed to do. It can be very sensitive.

However, let us look from ordinary people’s point of view of whether or not BN should just take over the government from PR or should a fresh election be called. To answer this issue, we need to answer the following question first i.e. under the democracy system, who should decide who should become the government? The answer is THE PEOPLE, THE VOTERS. If majority of the people voted for Party A, then Party A will become the government. It is as simple as that. Now that BN wanted to form the new government in Perak, has they got the majority support from the people of Perak, the voters? The fact that they have got the required number of the Assemblymen/women to form the new government DOES NOT AT ALL show that they have got the support of the majority of the people/voters of Perak.

Many people blame Anwar Ibrahim for the frogging trend but to me, he may have started it but that does not justify the BN to follow suit. 2 wrongs do not make 1 right. The end does not justify the means.

Anwar was condemned like hell by many BN leaders when he wanted to form the new Malaysian government by the infamous date of 16/9/2008 through frogging exercise. I just do not see why the BN leaders should keep quiet this time around when Najib do the same like what Anwar planned to do. Wonder why? Let me tell you…the BN leaders have got no “ball” (or in Malay, we call it “tak dak telur) to speak up against Najib, who is going to be the PM of Malaysia is less than 2 months time.

So, in conclusion, if BN really follow the spirit of democracy as what they have been yelling and barking all these while, they should have the courage to opt for a fresh election in Perak and let the voters decide who will be the next government of Perak.

2 reasons that I can think of, why BN wanted to avoid fresh election: -

They have lost the Permatang Pauh (expected) and Kuala Terengganu (not expected) by election recently; and

UMNO leaders will be busy with their own internal party election in March, which is more important as compared to the election in Perak. If a fresh election is to be called, it must be held within 60 days from the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly, which should be held latest in April 2009. Too close to the UMNO election right? Bearing in mind, the UMNO election is about themselves and the Perak election is about the people. So, which election do you think they will give priority? LU PIKIRLAH SENDIRI (think for yourselves).

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