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Surah Yaasin Amazing Recitation



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went to pay my last respect to someone who passed away. I went straight to the mosque where the body was bathed and clothed before it was prayed.

When I reached the mosque, I extended my condolence to the husband of the deceased and I was told by the husband that his wife body was being clothed, which means it has been bathed. I saw a lot or people in the mosque’s compound as well as in the mosque itself. I went with my non-Muslim friend. So, I thought it would just be appropriate for me to accompany him for a while outside the mosque before I took my ablution and proceeded to the main prayer hall. So, while I was with my friend, he asked me lots of questions about Muslims funeral. So, I explained to him a little bit here and there like the process between the moment the person passed away and until the body is buried. While I was explaining to my friend about the process, I saw people in small groups were talking to each other, some smiled while talking and some even laughed. I did not nee to be next to them to hear them laughing. Frankly I do not know what they were talking about but the fact that they had good laugh, I do not think they were talking about death. People do not laugh about death.

After I finished explaining to my friend, I went to take my ablution and proceeded to the main prayer hall to recite Surah Yaasin for the deceased. While walking to the main prayer hall, I passed by few small groups of people. I could here what they were talking about. They were talking about their business, they were talking about their common issues, which has got nothing to do with death.

That made me wondering…what was the purpose of them being present at the mosque? I thought we go and visit the deceased’s family to “sedekah” Al-Faathihah and recite Surah Yaasin. The least if we do not want to recite Al-Faatihah and Yaasin, in my opinion is to show sympathy and respect by remain silent. Talking to each other and laughing certainly does not show any sympathy to the deceased’s family, what more respect. In fact, that was rude. People should not discuss their common issues, their business or their golf activity while attending a funeral. They have more than ample time to talk about it but certainly not during funeral time.

After all, laughing and talking about worldly affairs in the mosque certainly shows that those people do not respect the mosque.


ustazshafiee said...

I do have certain experience related to funeral. many people were coming without any proper preparation. most of them wearing kopiah, unfortunately they were making impolite manner and noises. we know that the only encouraging event at that time only Quranic recitation and zikr. but, it became worst when two old folks friends met after a long time. a lots of things being discussed at that moment, and we will hear laughing and etc. come on man! this is the last respect to the jenazah. do keep your respect alive! wassalam

ajako said...

I also encounter the same situation during talkin procession. It is wise for the people to listen and take serious on the preach (talkin) but they keep talking rather than talkin itself. What a co-incident the word between talkin and talking. sigh...

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

come to think about it, these people may be attending the funeral just for the sake of attending it without any right purpose.