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Friday, September 12, 2008

Rela Member Ordered to Pay Former GRO RM100,000

Serves him right. I must say that. There is no other right word to describe the punishment imposed on the Rela member who had taken the photo of a GRO while relieving herself when she was arrested with few others by Jawi during a raid at a night club in 2003.
I actually have had bad experience with this Rela people, not directly but indirectly. Last year our nation celebrated its 50th independence day and if you all still remember, during the parade, there was a group of UMNO veterans who took part in the parade. My father was nominated to be one of the UMNO veterans to take part in the parade. Arrangement was made by Melaka Rela. My father was very happy. He started to tell all his children and grandchildren about that. He even updated us about the progress. He was given the itinerary for the events such as the hotel my father would be staying, the rehearsal, the departure date, so on and so forth. In fact, he was told that he could bring my mother along and my father had been persuading my mother to go. A Melaka Rela member dealt directly and was in contact with my father. He even asked my father to go to a designated tailor to make a Baju Melayu for the parade. Of course it was all paid for and my father cooperated.
Two or three days before they were supposed to fetch my father to go to KL for the parade, the guy who was in contact with my father did not contact my father. Curious of what was going on, my father went to Rela office in Melaka to find out the status only to be told that my father’s name had been dropped from the parade to give way to another veteran who was a Tan Sri. When asked about the guy in contact with my father, they told him that the guy was in KL already.
My father was very frustrated. Really frustrated. He was so excited about everything and suddenly his dream went into the drain. All because of politics and to give way to a Tan Sri and to make it worse, a young Rela fler who does not know anything about courtesy on how to inform my father that his name was dropped.
Before my father left Rela office, my father made a request. Since it was not possible for him to be in the parade, all he wanted was the Baju Melayu as a souvenir and those Rela flers in the office said, ok. And until now, nothing forthcoming.
As a son, I was so angry when informed about what had happened. I don’t really bother about the Tan Sri. I don’t give it a damn. What I was angry at was the way they handled my father. They have no respect at all and it all because my father’s name is just Mohd Said bin Abdul Wahab without Datuk’ Dato’, Tan Sri, Tun or anything for that matter. My father may not have fought for the country’s independence but he is an UMNO veteran. He was the Head of UMNO branch for about 20 years and during his tenure, he contributed a lot to the people in my area, bring development and whatever a community leader was supposed to give to the people. He put the people’s interest first. Himself and family came later. 20 years as the branch Head, my father could only afford a bicycle to move around. I regard him as a true politician and he is so different with most of our politicians who are corrupted especially the current UMNO branch head in my area, who is so happen to be my cousin, who after few years took over from my father has increased the number of his car from 1 to 5. But sad to say that people does not really look at leaders like my father.
So, I called the Melaka Rela Colonel (by the way, it is just a title and in no way in the same level as Army Colonel) to find out what happened and to express my unhappiness about everything. In short I was complaining to him about his people. To my surprise, his response was for me to write a letter to the Minister and he was rushing to end our conversation. When I refused to end the conversation, he was angry at me and started to scream at me. Of course I did scream at him back but after that I realized that no point talking to this man who could not think properly, maturely and sanely. I drafted a letter of complaint against the Rela fler and the Colonel (although originally, it was supposed to be against the Rela fler alone) to the Minister but then I told myself, this is not going anywhere because I don’t think the Minster would have entertained my complaint because my father is not a Datuk, Dato’, Tan Sri, Tun or anything for that matter.
So, when I read the punishment meted out on this Rela officer, I said serves him right. It may be unfair for me to blame the whole Rela team because of one or two idiots but as the Malay proverb says, disebabkan nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. But I think I am not wrong to have this bad perception on Rela members that some of them are just having very low mentality or in harsher words, they are mentally retarded.
So guys, do not be surprise if after this you hear more bad stories about Rela beause i don't thin that our Rela is that reliable.


Anonymous said...

i wish to add, no not about rela but UMNO veteran.. my parents (typical Johorean in politics) have been serving the party since ages ago.. apparently my mom is the AJK Wanita UMNO Bhgn Bt Pahat for countless terms... when people commented "surely you got a lot of project from UMNO..", her replied was simple and plain, yet meaningful..." this is what i can give back to UMNO, my children went for further their studies under the goernment's sponsorship and loans..."

I rest my case...

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

Hi Anon, can't really blame those who asked that question because most of our politicians nowadays enter into politics for their own survival...people who selected them come second, so, that is the perception these buggers gave to the want project, you want to become rich, be a politician and join UMNO