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Monday, September 8, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim - Lack of Common Sense of Simply Dumb?

It was very disgusting to read yesterday’s Mingguan Malaysia report that about Selangor Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim who stood by his earlier statement that it is a waste of money and time for him to go down to earth to visit the typhoon victims in Klang.
He tried to justify his statement by then saying that "Saya ada wakil rakyat dan Exco yang mengendalikan bantuan untuk mangsa dan saya sentiasa berhubung dengan mereka. Jadi, tidak perlu saya turun padang kerana ia membazirkan masa saya” (translation – I have people representatives and Exco to provide the assistance to the victims and I will always be in contact with them. So, I do not need to go down because it is a waste of my time).
How hard he try to justify his earlier statement, nothing can heal the wound felt by the typhoon victims. I can understand if he is too busy to go down and visit and to get his representatives to update him. But to say that it was a waste of money and his time, I must say that this Khalid Ibrahim is a plain stupid fler who does not know how to use common sense and proper language. He does not know how to appreciate people. Perhaps he still thinking himself as a CEO who can hire and fire and shout at people like nobody business. But in this case, he forgot that the people are not his subject but his boss who will determine his political career in the next general election. And I must also said that this Khalid Ibrahim is worst than Nazri Aziz. Wait!!! I am not saying that Nazri Aziz is clever. I will never say that.
Let me tell this ungrateful, idiot Khalid Ibrahim. My suggestion to him is that next general election, he does not have to go and meet the voters, as it will just waste his time and money. What about that? Plain stupid you Khalid Ibrahim!!!

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