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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Najib's Own Website

Malaysians can go to if they want to connect "personally" with Najib. There is nothing much in the website at the moment except, his biography, column for comment, photo galleries and the welcoming speech.
Frankly speaking I am not too sure on the reason for him to have this website. As reported in The Star online, Najib is to try and reach to an increasingly Internet-savvy electorate. Well, I believe that it is too soon to judge whether that is truly the motive for having the website or is it just a political gimmick, given for the fact that he needs support from the Malaysians as well as the current political scenario. I am not trying to be skeptical about it but I can't help myself from talking about Si Bedol's own website, launched just before the election in March this year, which to me it serves no purpose other than the election gimmick.
Whatever it is, Najib's own website, in my opinion is not that people friendly as oppose to blogs. In blogs, the readers are able to read other readers' comments but in Najib's case, you send your comment and that it. Other people will not be able to read your comment. So, at the end of the day, people will not know whether Najib really give it a damn about people's comment or just sit on it.
But the only better feature in Najib's website as opposed to Si Bedol is that you do not have to state your house address and emploer's name to post a comment, which is a mandatory field to fill up in Si Bedol's website. I wonder why Si Bedol wants to know all those?
Compare Najib's website with Si Bedol's at

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