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Friday, August 29, 2008

Public Interest Does Not Prevail

Starting from Wednesday (27/8/2008) until today (29/8/2008), there have been rehearsals for the Merdeka Parade at Dataran Merdeka. The rehearsal takes place in the morning during peak hours when people are rushing to office. Every time there is a rehearsal (I mean every year), there will be road closure at Jalan Raja thus it will cause massive traffic jam no matter whether or not announcement has been made on the road closure.
I wonder what is the logic for having the rehearsal during peak hours when people are rushing to work? What is wrong for having the rehearsal during weekends or if they want to do it on weekdays, at least, they can start a little bit late, say 10.00am when fewer cars are on the road and people have reached their office? I do not see anything wrong with that and I think that is the best time for them to carry out their rehearsal. But it has been the trend long, long time ago. And not only for Merdeka Parade, they also do the rehearsal during peak hours on weekdays for other celebrations like Agung’s birthday and Police Force Anniversary. I am not against the spirit of celebrating all these events and what I do not understand is the logic to have the rehearsals during peak hours on weekdays, thus causing massive jam. Will it be because it is not comfortable for them to do it on weekends because that is supposed to be their rest day? Or will it be because it is too hot to have it started at 10.00am and finish at noon?
Well, whatever the reason is, the organizing committee is putting the interest of the minority (those take part in the parade) over and on top of the majority (those people who are rushing to office). This is the exception, it seems to be, for the principle that public interest shall prevail over the interest of others.
By the way, on another note, this morning while I was listening FlyFM in my car, one (1) caller told us that she took part in the Merdeka Parade at Dataran Merdeka when she was in secondary school in 1986. Guess what?!!! She said that they were paid RM600.00 per person for taking part in the parade. My goodness!!! RM600.00 for a student way back in 1986 was a lot!!! I wonder why those participated in the parade need to be paid for marching? They should do that for the country and voluntarily without expecting anything in return. Anyway, that was just a waste of public fund. What about this year marching? Do they get paid? I do not know but if you know, do share with me.

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