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Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Athletes in Beijing Olympic

What do we lack to earn the first gold medal for Malaysia in Olympic? Technique? Spirit? Strategy? Motivation? I am not sure which one. After Azizulhasni Awang failed to make it to the final Keirin and Lee Chong Wei crashed quite easily to Lin Dan, I wonder what we lack to earn us the first ever gold medal? Yes, we still have Azizulhasni today in Sprint event against Chris Hoy of Great Britain who won gold medal in Keirin event. Let us pray for our final hope for a gold medal (though Azizulhasni had a better chance in Keirin than Sprint event).
That day, I watched Michael Phelps competing in 200m butterfly. This guy is simply amazing. 15m to the finishing, he was second. As he reached the wall, he was equal with the Serbian swimmer and it really looks like that the Serbian Swimmer won the race. Even when a replay was shown, it looks like the Serbian swimmer was the winner. But, as the result came out, it was Michael Phelps who touched the wall first. He won the race by 0.01 second. Amazing!!! And as the commentator said “this guy (Phelps) knows how to win”.
Yes. I think our athletes need to have that. I mean they should know how to win. That is the keywords. Our athletes are equal with their competitors in terms of training, facilities, so on and so forth. But I think they lack the “know-how-to-win” strategy.
It was reported in the newspaper that in the Keirin event when both Azizul and Josiah Ng failed to make it to the final, Azizul misjudged his timing and Josiah was trapped between two cyclists. As for Chong Wei, he went down to Lin Dan quite tamely. Look at our archers. They should not have any problem to qualify to the semi final for team event. But something went wrong somewhere, they lost to Italy by small margin. They failed to live up to the expectation.
Overall, I would say that this Olympic, our athletes did quite ok.

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