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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Money Everything?

Most of us say that money is not everything. In other words, there are things that money can't buy especially when we talk about happiness. But sad to say, there are people who thought that money is everything. Money can buy happiness and money can solve problem.
More often than not, we see the life of the rich people are not as good and as happy as we thought it should be. Why not? They have money. They can do whatever they want because they have money. But they do get divorce. They do have family problems. They do have social problems. They do have all sorts of problems. And all that happen while they have money. So, money, while it is essential to have it in our daily life, wrong way of using it may cause disaster. So, there are things that money can't buy such as happiness and problem solving.
As such, I am puzzled when the Melaka government announced a new incentive of RM1,000 to be given to men who take a poor single mother as their second wife provided that they do not divorce their first wife. And not only that, the same amount will also be given to those who get married before they reach the age of 30. The reason behind this? According to Ali Rustam, it is an effort to curb social ills such as illicit sex and Mat Rempit.
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To me, whatever the reason is, it does not and will not solve the problem. In fact, it will create more problems such as people get married for the sake of money and once the get the money, they will get divorce. It is like an income. Further, it will cause the young generation to hve the wrong understanding on the reason behind marriage. Once they get married for the wrong reason, there will be more divorces, thus causing injustice to the parties involved especially the female and it will also lead to more social problems. People should get married when they are ready to bear the responsibility and not because they want the incentive. Ali Rustam may think what I write is crap but from my own personal experience, there are people who are willing to do anything, I repeat anything to get the money even to the extent of divorcing their wife of more than 20 years of marriage. I had a case whereby a client of mine wanted a divorce because he wanted to bring China doll into the country. According to him, he could only do so if he is single. And of course, he was paid for it. I can't remember the figure but I can assure you, it was a handsome figure. And to my surprise, his wife agreed. In fact he brought his wife and daughter to my office to sign the divorce paper. That was a proof that people are willing to do anything for the sake of money, even to get married before the age of 30 or marry to a poor single mother.
People should get married in the most sincere manner and not for monetary purposes. As such, I do really hope for Ali Rustam to have a better faculty of understanding in proposing any policy for the state. He should use his sense and brain and not be blinded by money. I thought awarding a Datukship to Shah Rukh Khan was the worst that Ali Rustam could do but I am wrong. But I do hope that Ali Rustam to stop from making stupid proposal at this juncture.

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