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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog @ RTM1

I have just finished watching Blog at RTM1. It is aired every Sunday at 8.40pm for 2o minutes. I have watched the programme twice (including tonite). Basically the programme focusses on issues surrounding the blogging world with the main focus is on the type of issues normally discussed in the respective blogs.
The first time I watched Blog was when RTM1 called the blogger by the name of Ahiruddin Atan @ Rockybru. I have been following his blog ever since I started blogging to get the latest news on mostly political issues, which is sometimes not highlighted in the newspaper. Almost everyday, I make it a habit to visit his popular blog at That was a couple of months ago since Rocky apeared in the programme.
As for tonite, the guest blogger appeared in the programme was my university friend i.e. Budiey or his real name Baharuddin Che Wil. So, it goes without saying as to why I watched the programme tonite. Budiey or also known by his long commercial name as Budiey Isma Alifi is a full time blogger who blog about local entertainment and local artists. So, the issues discussed during the programme was on local entertainment. You can visit his blog at
Frankly speaking, I do not follow the programme at all. I watched it twice not because of the programme but because of the guest bloggers that appeared in the programme. So, I do not know for sure what is the main motive RTM1 is having this programme. But whatever it is, I wonder if RTM1 will call the most popular blogger in Malaysia that is none others than the great Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who is blogging at It is interesting to watch Tun throwing out his idea again in TV.

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sham said...


Rockybru memang rock !..

Anyway .. aku tak rasa diaoarg ni akan jemput the most popular bloger in Malaysia " CheDet". Mungkin bila M'sia dah ade PM baru ( next March ? )nanti baru possible...


hidup "CheDet"